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I’m not much of a blogger, don’t post all that often. For several years I’ve been doing that blogging over on Blogger at http://timely-thoughts.blogspot.com/. But I have been frustrated for quite some time by something that I see as a very stupid, parochial, short sighted issue. Blogger will no longer allow me to post anything that’s on Flickr. And I keep most of my photos on Flickr. Have for years, before I started blogging. Blogger now only wants to link in photos that are on either a Google drive or that I upload manually from my hard drive.  Anything from Flickr I get an error saying it can’t be shown.  And I know perfectly well these particular photos have public viewing.  I can post about them other places, just not through Blogger.

So I’m over here now on WordPress, and I proved in my very first post that it will link in photos from Flickr.  Who knows, maybe now that it isn’t such a pain I’ll write more often!