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As a hand spinner I’ve spun a lot of different sorts of fibers, but until now have only spun gradients as class projects.  Recently I decided it was time to practice as I have several braids of fiber that I am hoping to spin then knit into something that will showcase the changing colors.  So I decided to start with this fiber:

Grapes of Wrath – Handpainted Gradient BFL Wool & Silk Roving – 4 oz Black Pink Purple

Since I wanted a 2-ply yarn I unchained the fiber then split it roughly in half, vertically, so that I had 2 ropes of fiber.  Wound them each into a loose ball to keep them safe while I worked on the project.  Started spinning the first, black section first.  It isn’t obvious from the photo, but the black has a beautiful purple cast to it.  This first photo is of the singles as it gradually changes from the black to purple.

Grapes of Wrath Gradient

Here it is with a dime for size comparison:

Grapes of Wrath Gradient

And here is the transition from purple to pink, right before I changed to a new bobbin:

Grapes of Wrath Gradient

The first singles has been spun and is waiting for the second to be finished and plied together.  So far this has been a fun project and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.