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Over the summer I realized that I basically didn’t have any more lace yarn in my yarn stash, and I wasn’t sure about spinning fiber for each project, so I decided that I needed some more yarns.  One of the yarns I found was this lovely silk blend.


I decided that I would knit a Boo Knits pattern called Spellbound.  Now that I knew what yarn I wanted to use, I needed to decide what beads I wanted.  I had thought that it would look smashing with black or hematite like beads, but there were some other options so I balled the yarn and strung some beads.


And decided that the while the black were certainly dramatic, that they didn’t seem quite right.


So I left the yarn with the beads on it next to my computer at home and looked at it every day, in all sorts of lighting.  And decided that the second from the left, Miyuki 6/0 transparent gray, looked best under all lighting conditions.  So I ordered enough for the project and got to knitting.

There are several options when knitting most of Boo’s patterns, and for this I chose to knit the body in all over lace.  I found this lovely yarn to be a bit slippery to manage on my Addi Turbo circular needles, but quickly learned ways to manage that without dropping stitches.  This is a good sized crescent shawl.  I began the knitting on 22-August and finished 17-October.

Sea Lace Spellbound

Charcoal Sea Lace Spellbound

Charcoal Sea Lace Spellbound

Here she is almost done:

Charcoal Sea Lace Spellbound

This is the lace with the border before blocking:

Charcoal Sea Lace Spellbound

And here are some photos of her on the blocking mats.

Charcoal Sea Lace Spellbound

Charcoal Sea Lace Spellbound

And finally a close up showing the beads.

Charcoal Sea Lace Spellbound

I really enjoyed this project and the resulting shawl is wonderfully soft, silky, silvery and beautiful!