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This year has been a lot of firsts for me.  First hand spun shawl.  First beaded shawl.  First time participating in a KAL (Knit Along).  All of these have been with shawls by the designer known as Boo Knits.  It’s been great fun, and the shawls are wonderful.  I wear one nearly every day at the office.  I’ve even got my Mom wearing shawls some now that it is cold.

So when it was announced that there would be a MKAL (Mystery Knit Along) for a brand new Boo shawl I decided to go for yet another first.

I didn’t want to buy more lace yarn, I’d already gotten some, and been spinning some, but I wasn’t sure what I had that would work for this shawl.  It is designed for a tussah silk lace yarn and will have about 1100 beads.  That’s a lot of beads, and a lot of weight.  You don’t think of small glass beads as having weight, but compared to yarn, especially lace yarn, they do.  And the extra weight from the beads changes the drape of a shawl, changes how gravity affects the way you wear it.  It doesn’t take many beads to change how the fabric behaves, but this is a whole lot of beads!

So I did some thinking and some poking through yarn stash and decided on this, a yarn from colorsong called Marrakesh.  It is 70% Silk, 30% Baby Camel; 700m/765yds; 100g/3.53oz.  I checked with the designer and test knitters and they thought it would work fine, since it has such a high silk content.  Here is the yarn I am using, the color is Violetta.



I then needed to select beads.  Finally decided on Miyuki 6-1835 Dark Violet Lined Amethyst beads.  They are the darker beads on the right in this photo.

Violetta Marrakesh

The other beads on the left are Miyuki 6-2607: 6/0 Spkl Purple Lined Crystal AB. There is a 6-131: 6/0 Crystal Miyuki, completely clear in between.  I happened to have that one on hand and thought that it would be an interesting delimiter between the other 2 sets of 3 beads.  Any of them would work, but I like how the 6-1835 looked best.

The first clue for this MKAL was to be released 28-Nov-2014, and luckily enough for me, due to time zone differences, I got it on the 27th.  Started it right away and have been working on it since, while I hurry to complete another project.  The next clue is due for release on 5-Dec-2014.