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TimTam, Miss Tami Girl, is nearly 12 weeks old now.  She’s growing so fast, as she should be.

She’s gone from a tiny 5-6 weeks, here at just about 6 weeks (estimated of course):

Minion 14 June 2016, First solid-ish meal!

Minion 18-Jun-2016

About 7 weeks:

TimTam (Minion) 23-Jun-2016

She and Chip quickly bonded and enjoy playing together.

Chip and TimTam 2-Jul-2016 About 8.5 weeks old

About 8 and a half weeks:

TimTam 2-Jul-2016 About 8.5 weeks old

At 10 and a half weeks she went for a trip and was a great traveler!  She loved being able to run and play in the sun room.

TimTam 10.5 weeks

And here she is taking a quick breakfast break on her scratching post, still with food all over her face!

TimTam 24-July-2016  About 11.5 weeks

You might have noticed that she is on a leash most of the time.  This is because she has to be kept away from our other cat until the vet confirms she is free of cat lice.  Due to her tiny size she has been treated every 2 weeks, rather than the usual once a month treatment.

She isn’t bothered by it, and has quickly learned to unwind herself from chair legs and her scratching post.  Of course she is supervised during these play times, just in case.

By my estimate she will be 12 weeks old on Wednesday, July 27, 2016.  She enjoys coming with us when we walk the dogs, riding on a shoulder or on an arm.  She went from 16 ounces (1 pound) at just about 6 weeks old to 2.1 pounds at 12 weeks.  Her downy, fluffy kitten coat is being replaced by a smoother, shinier, sleeker coat.

Tomorrow she goes back to the vet where we all hope she is confirmed free of the cat lice and can begin the next stage of integration into our household.