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And look at her now!

16 weeks:

TimTam 28-Aug-2016 16 weeks old

As you can see from this photo, taken a couple of days prior to the above, the shadow striping visible when she was tiny is nearly gone.

TimTam AKA Tami 26-Aug-2016 16 weeks old

Yes, she’s wearing a collar and leash.  I’ve ended up managing her like I manage puppies/dogs when we first get them.  By having the leash on her I don’t have to physically catch her to catch her.  I can just step on or catch the leash.  So she’s learned that she can’t run and hide, and she’s also learned that we really aren’t chasing her when we walk through the house.  Now she will just sit or lay there when you get up and happen to be moving towards her instead of assuming that we are trying to play chase.

She and our dog Chip are great friends, and play together every day.  They love to lay on the ground, rolling around, mouthing at each other and generally enjoying themselves.  They also sleep next to or near each other.

Nap Time Chip and TimTam

Tami is 18 weeks old (estimates) as of today.  So much bigger, as one would expect.  She still likes her scratching posts, and can still manage to sit on top of it, but reaching the top of course is no longer a reach for her.

TimTam 6-Sep-2016 18 weeks old

TimTam 6-Sep-2016 18 weeks old

TimTam 6-Sep-2016 18 weeks old

Sorry about the blurry photos, she is nearly always in motion, so hard to catch in a picture!

TimTam 6-Sep-2016 18 weeks old